Excellent Service

“A professional service and very useful adviceโ€

Hugh T



Had an amazing time during group fitness session. It really lifted my mood and I feel fantastic!

Sharon Taylor

Feeling energised!

Had a one to one personal training session today with Shamala and she really put me through my paces! She is friendly, warm and really made me feel at ease with going at my own pace. I look forward to my next session!

Darren Lancaster

A Better You

Just received my copy of A Better You. This wellbeing guide is perfect! it is reader friendly, grat to look at and simple to follow! packed with lots of wellbeing tips and information that i can incorporate into my daily life as well as share with family and friends-so we can all benefit from improved holistic wellbeing!

Sarah Daley


I’m doing the fitness class with shamala for 2 weeks now. She is so good and helpful. She makes it so easier to walk and work out. We have been doing the workout on the zoom and I love it as we don’t have to leave the house ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Misbah afzal

shamala women walking group and fitness

First day I attended with lovely Annette and it was wonderful very relaxed and energising…i cannot thank you enough as it has lifted my mood and made me feel much better physically and mentally…thank you xx


Encouraging & Supportive Group

I am loving taking part in the walking group sessions every week, the group really encourages and supports one another. After lockdown I really needed to get out and do something for myself, the walks really help me to start my day in a postive way and with lots of fresh outdoor air.
Thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘ to the zoom fitness sessions as not only do they take place in the comfort of my home but they are short and snappy, just right for me.
Overall I’m enjoying taking part in programme as its helping to make a difference in my mental and physical health.๐Ÿ‘

Mehnaz Afzal

Very impressed

I have engaged in several Impact 4Life programmes and services and I must say I have experienced a friendly, professional, 1st class service

Sheila Freeman

Extremely enjoyable

Hi everyone
Great start to the day
Had a fantastic fitness session with Shamala this morning- really enjoyed it
Look forward to the next one
Gives me energy ready for the rest of the day so thank you so much for these sessions

Nahid nawaz

very good

Shamala is a very good fitness instructor. She motivates me participate in the weekly walk&talk sessions every Monday and to also engage in her virtual fitness sessions every Thursday. I love doing the home exercise.


Inclusive and accessible group sessions

I regularly attend one of the over 50’s exercise classes which Shamala facilitates. Shamala is a lovely young lady with a lovely personality to match. The sessions are structured, tailored and fun. The exercises are varied and suitable for all ages and abilities. Those with disabilities/learning needs/limited mobility or beginners-you will not feel left out!

Adele D

Thank you

I really enjoy my weekly Saturday walk’s with Impact 4Life Wellbeing’s Founder- Shamala. It’s the kick start and gentle exercise I needed to improve my physical, mental and emotional health. I love the diversity of the groups- all ethnicities, all ages and abilities as well as a good mix of male and females. A welcoming and friendly group and well organized by Shamala and her team-even during these challenging times. I enjoy the green, peaceful outdoor space in which the walks take place.

Joanne Porter

So rewarding

It has been so much fun participating in the weekly walking group and it is something that i never thought i would have done neither enjoyed. Being a part of this friendly group has given me the motivation and confidence that i needed to begin my journey to improved health and wellbeing. The fitness and nutrition advice has been great and so easy to understand and implement. I never thought that something as gentle as walking could benefit me as much as it has. Thankyou so much



The weekly walks have been so refreshing and have been just what i needed during the challenging times we are currently in (covid-19). The sessions have helped me to start the day off in a positive mind frame, has improved my confidence and i have developed some long lasting relationships with Shamala and her team as well as participants of the group.



The weekly walks are a good
form of exercise and a place to socialise with people.
It is a refreshing way
to start the day.
I would like to thank Shamala
for being committed every week,
and for her encouragement.

Henry Nelson

Great for post-op recovery

I’m part of the group that meets Shamala every Saturday morning for “Walk & Talk”
I underwent a major operation in July and was told I could not do any lifting or exercise until 3 months after the operation, I heard about Walk & Talk just as my 3 months had elapsed, so in October I was able to go on my first walk. I was a bit sceptical about going because I thought it was going to be high impact, and intense power walking and that would have been too much for me. I was wrong. I was put at ease as soon as I arrived and after a few warm up stretches noticed that there were a group of walkers that were of all ages (from 20’s – 60’s ) and all abilities.(sprinters – snails.) It was just what I needed to aid with my operation recovery.
The people are lovely and the walk is great. Each week we do just a little bit more but each week it becomes easier.
The benefits of walking are immense and I would certainly recommend this walk to all.

Caroline Byfield

Just what i need

I am part of the Saturday morning walking group with Shamala. I feel encouraged and motivated to walk because every member of the group has a passion to walk. It’s hard to get motivated to walk alone and with such a busy personal life, this walking group is just what I need to get me started and keep me going.
Anyone of all abilities can walk, both male and female and all ages and you won’t feel out of place.
Thank you Shamala for being a great motivator.

Bryan Byfield

Overwhelming act of kindness

Today, Shamala dropped off a Christmas hamper and other essentials to my home and also took one to my friends home.
My friend does not go out and l am not too mobile either so we were both overwhelmed with joy that we were thought of to receive such an unexpected and lovely gift. Thank you so very very much for your kindness.

Doris Coffie

I really enjoyed my total

I really enjoyed my total body workout session today, it was low impact and very effective. These sessions are suitable for all ages and all abilities. I will definitely be recommending Shamala Antonio’s Personal Training sessions and wellbeing programmes to others as she is very professional and well spoken. Looking forward to my next session ๐Ÿ™‚

Elisha Guy

Excellent Service

I’ve worked with Shamala on a variety of videos and it’s always a pleasure to work with her. She’s well versed and knowledgable on all things fitness & wellbeing and has helped me improve on my own health. Looking forward to working with you again!


Loving it!!

Iโ€™ve been training with Shamala for 3 weeks now and Iโ€™m absolutely loving it! I really enjoy the workouts and I feel so much more motivated because Iโ€™m not alone. Itโ€™s a great start to the day and Iโ€™m already noticing changes.

georgia harper – nunes

Nice class

Nice low impact class, clear verbal and visual instructions. Very good introduction back into exercise. Would do it again


Great Interactive Workout!

I had an amazing online exercise session and the trainer was really engaging. They offered modified versions of each exercise to accommodate for every fitness level and, made ‘working out’ super enjoyable!