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We had a blast popping up at Birmingham Mind’s Life after lockdown event 🙂
Get in touch about our bespoke, popup Fitness and Wellbeing services.
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We recognise that our clients are expert in their own rights, and are therefore best placed to articulate and share their experiences of our programmes and services with you. Take a listen to what one of our clients said 😀

If you have low iron levels or have been diagnosed with an iron deficiency, try one of these iron rich drinks to boost your intake of this essential mineral;
*Floradix, which is an iron rich supplement
*Prune juice
*Iron tonic
*Green juice/green smoothie
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The yoga pose Eka pada vasisthasana, otherwise known as the one legged side plank helps to improve our balance, focus and concentration and is fantastic for strengthening the core.
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Here are 5 moves that will help stretch and strengthen muscles in your neck, shoulders, upper back, mid back and lower back.
*Neck side bend and rotation
*Shoulder roll
*Overhead arm reach
*Chair rotation
*Thoracic extension
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