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If losing weight is your goal, here are a list of foods that may support a healthy weight loss journey;
*Whole eggs
*Leafy Greens
*Cruciferous vegetables such ad broccoli, cabbage, sprouts
*Chicken breast and other lean meats
*Potatoes and other root vegetables

There is no doubt that movement/ exercise is one of the master keys to a longer and healthier life.
It is recommended that seniors move at a moderate pace for a minimum of 150 mins each week or 30 mins a day. Try swimming/cycling/walking/Dance and the like
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Known for its versatility, richness and health benefits, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packed with antioxidants, healthy fats, anti-inflammatory properties and is the healthiest form of Olive Oil due to being the least processed
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The dark gloomy days and cold nights can quite often contribute to us feeling sluggish and lethargic. Here are 4 ways to boost your energy levels naturally;
*Sleep, sleep and more sleep
*Mininise stress levels
*Regular exercise
*Eat a nutritious and balanced diet.

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